Got reject for frame retransmitting frame now updating nr

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Got reject for frame retransmitting frame now updating nr

In this setup (and I believe with TCP generally, I might be wrong) the server can only communicate with one peer (client) process at a time (hence using fork).

With a server that uses UDP sockets, it too binds a port and waits for a packet (note, no connection as such occurs and being a broadcast protocol there is no way, unless you program a protocol on top of UDP, to know if a packet is received, after being sent).

I'm sure that many of you will spontaneously suggest to use non-blocking sockets to prevent this - but because of many many other reasons we don't want to do this.

In the two famous books by Comer (Internetworking with TCP/IP) I read about the TCP/IP windowing algorithm: the TCP control process on the system where program A runs knows whether it is possible to send data to program B or not by evaluating the window size advertised by the system on which program B is running.

Now you can patch each room's outlet to the appropriate concentrator. In fact, the file storage is just a management headache.while running what ever else were running for school-wide access. If you use a Gator Box as the Apple-to-ether connection, you can run Gator Share and use the (free) Apple Share client to access unix-NFS files from the campus fileservers.(PC user wil have to pay for an NFS client, I think).you need a multiport repeater right away, because you need to install wiring to serve both kinds in any room of the wing, right ? (2) Any user can accidentally wipe out a thinnet loop, and then you need to get into each room to troubleshoot. Put an RJ-45 in each room, with a 4-pair cable to a patch panel.Now you have identical wiring from each room to the patch panel.

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