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Hot not dating

The Hot or Not mobile app originally launched in May 2013.

Hot or Not is a rating site that allows users to rate the attractiveness of photos submitted voluntarily by others.

The updated Hot or Not app encourages people to vote on the most attractive (and least attractive) users, then gives users a popularity score and compiles a 'Hot List' to show in real-time where the most babelicious people are each neighborhood.

The app is designed to take the guesswork out of tracking down good-looking people.

Users can also chat through the app, provided they rate one another as 'hot'.

Each individual will have a "hot rating" attached to their profile, which is decided by voting.

Needless to say, some users may not be happy with their results.

"Since 2000, the Hot or Not brand has been an inspiration behind some of the most popular platforms and products currently available to consumers including But the app is not for the faint of heart.

Online daters can be ruthless in their assessment of people's physical attractiveness.

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